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We will do a special apperance in Chicago on the 25th of April. If you are not going out, check out the show on Dance Factory Radio, 92.5 / 92.7 / 99.9 FM that evening in Chicago or online

This is really good fun we found it here - If you want to quit just refresh or move on..


The sales-results for Itunes 2008 have just been announced and we couldn’t be any happier. With all the success Calabria has had throughout the years it ends up surprising us once again. The number one seller in the Itunes dance genre in the US.

The Dance genre on Itunes covers almost all electronic music from dancehall to house to techno, so it is basically the only genre for elctronic music.

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Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes from Clement bournat on Vimeo.

Etienne de crecy pulling of some fantastic lights and effetcs in 2007 with help form the French firm EXYZT

This is a Social Club in Paris that has also had a touch of Exyzt


Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.


Apparently it a year for console games and us. Calabria 2008 was chosen to be a part of the soundtrack for the ever popular NBA Live 09 Soundtrack.

Living in Europe and not being the greatest soccer fans, Johannes and Rune couldn’t have chosen a better game themselves.

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Rune RK sensation 1.jpg

Rune RK sensation_2.jpg

Rune Played ‘Sensation Denmark’ as Rune RK Saturday, and it was insane. 27.000 people all in white and he had them in the plam of his hand for 2 pumping hours

You can listen and download his set here

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Ever since DJ Mag hailed Rune and Johannes ‘Denmarks biggest export besides bacon’ they have been huge fans of this particular piece of pig…

Both being die-hard Iphone fans this is an absolute must have and obviously my christmas shopping has eased up a lot!

We were never really good at gathering footage from our different gigs, but still managed to put this one together… Hope you enjoy!

check out this “flute” app for the iphone.

I bet you next week, that chilean panflute band on every corner is going to be playing the titanic theme on iphones.

Prepare to suffer

And here 6 hippies playing stairway to heaven. Its unbearable and very funny:-)

I have no clue what is going on here, but this is really scary


From our great sponsors we got VIP treatment with free Rice pudding (instead of Champagne…) and Grandstand tickets. The Chinese are Ferrari Crazy and pronounce it: Fellaaliih. Mclaren is ofcause: Mknlahm, and the list goes on.

This is a fantastic video. I am in Shanghai right now on business and it makes me extra happy to be here every time I see it.

Some of the audience filmed us at summer rush in toronto. It was a fantastic show, and 20.000 people defied the rain, and had a party. check it out.


Enjoying an unusual Saturday night off, we went out with our good friends Lina and Paw from Infernal to the Copenhagen Diesel party celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the brand. It was fantastic night that can be summed in a few words:

Japanese Bondage - Disco Toilets - Floating pig heads - disobedient couches

Gotta love a classic. We redid this for our dj sets, so expect it to be dropped at your local discoteque soon.

Johannes and i are total watch freaks, so expect to se many of them on this page. This on is by one of our favorite brands Audemars Piguet. It looks so futuristic, we had to blog about it.

We are all for futuristic design, but im thinking form over function to the max here:-)

Check it out

ap survivor.jpg


On the one hand you have the 2CV - a car for the masses but as part of the 60th anniversary celebration Citroen is joining forces with Hermès, one of the top design-houses in the world to create this little beauty.

On the other hand you have The Bugatti Veyron is considered one of the world’s fastest production cars with a 0-100 KM/H in 2.5 seconds also joining forces with Hermès to create this monster of a car.

We know which one we would rather be driving - also the small wheels handles so much better in the snow…


last week was a ruff one. i played for five days, and come sunday i was a halfhuman half beatmatching machine.

here are a few shots from the gigs.

I know its cheesy to enter a remix competition, but its Radiohead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of that its my favourite song this year, so I just couldn’t help myself.

(also my girlfriend has gone to bed, and I am bored, but that’s a minor detail)



This is our couch ‘Mormor’ (meaning Graandmother in Danish). It won the ‘Royal Danish Design Award’ in 2007.

Such a good fit for the sit!!

Good stuff!


A new cheerleading game coming out soon on the Nintendo Wii will feature a soundtrack packed with hits including our Calabria 2008.

We cheer for Wii


SUBU restaurant was launched in Beijing in December 2007. From start to finish it took app. 8 months, which at the the seemed outrageous. But they told us “You don’t know China - everything can be done” - and so it was. It’s been a crazy but great experience. SUBU located in the financial district in a Lane Crawford luxury mall. SUBU is created with South Beauty Group who is also behind the famous LAN clubs.

This is a remix I made last week. I know that she sings in Danish, but you have to admire that vocal anyway.

Hope you enjoy it

Seven and half minute of pure madness….


Calabria 2008 has sold more than 800.000 copies in the U.S. and is still going strong selling +20.000 per week. We hope to reach the million so we can exchange the gold for a more noble metal.